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Building Safety staff within the Environmental Sustainability Department provides development review and permit services for our customers, embodying the highest levels of customer service. We facilitate when possible, regulate when needed, and provide a single point of contact for our customers. Questions regarding procedures can be directed to a Permit Services Technician at 310-456-2489, ext. 263 or 340.
Building permit

To obtain a permit, the applicant shall first file an application in writing on a permit application. The application shall:
  • Identify and describe the work to be covered by the permit for which application is made
  • Describe the land on which the proposed work is to be done by legal description, street address, or similar description that will readily identify and definitely locate the proposed building or work
  • Indicate the use and occupancy for which the proposed work is intended
  • Be accompanied by construction documents and other information as required in Section 106 of the 2014 County of Los Angeles Building Code
  • State the valuation of the proposed work
  • Be signed by the applicant, or the applicant’s authorized agent
  • Other data and information as required by the Deputy Building Official

California Energy Efficiency Standards
Title 24, Part 6, of the California Code of Regulations: The Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings was established in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce energy consumption in California.

Graywater Reuse, and Recycling
Guidelines, education, and resources for reuse of graywater from laundry to landscape.

Work Exempted from Building Permits

View excerpts from the relevant Building Code sections regarding certain projects.

City of Malibu